Urban Forestry Research Hub

Urban Forestry Research Hub



Our vision is to help create more resilient and healthy urban communities by enhancing the way in which people understand, access, plan and manage urban forests.


Our aim is to advance the science of urban forestry and the management of sustainable urban ecosystems. We aim to be internationally recognized as a leading urban forestry research hub conducting cutting-edge research right here in Metro Vancouver as well as around the world at local, regional, and global scales.

We have specific expertise in urban forest governance, urban forest design and planning, community involvement, urban ecosystem service assessment, urban soils and ecology, equitable access to green spaces, the impacts of urban forests on human health and wellbeing, and the links between urban forestry and climate change mitigation and adaptation.


When conducting research, we:

  • Adopt an interdisciplinary, applied approach aimed at understanding social, biophysical, and technological aspects of urban forestry
  • Inform urban forest policy and practice by partnering with governments and other organizations
  • Adopt an inclusive approach to consider the contact of all citizens with nature regardless of their physical, intellectual, and/or sensory conditions
  • Consider social and ecological diversity and use all-encompassing scientific approaches
  • Mobilize diverse partners through meaningful engagement, co-production, and transfer of knowledge
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