Promoting Science Citizenship through a Soil App

Dr Maja Krzic is developing Digging In: An Educational Tool Promoting Science Citizenship for the Introduction to Soil Science course. Maja asserts that meaningful teaching and learning about natural resources, including soils, requires in-the-field observations of concepts introduced in a classroom setting.

The Digging In educational tool will provide the means for students in soil science and natural resource courses to “dig in” to the soils of Vancouver. This tool will be a valuable platform for enriching students’ learning experiences through participation in novel information-gathering activities and engagement with community partners, soil scientists, and each other. The Digging In builds from SOILx (, location-based tool that connects educational soil science content to specific geographical locations through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. SOILx was created by integrating open technologies such as Google Fusion Tables, Wikitude Augmented Reality browser and WordPress content management system.

Maja Krzic

Maja Krzic
Department of Forest & Conservation Sciences
Faculty of Land and Food Systems, Room 227
2357 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4
Phone: 604–822–0252