Investigating Scenic Beauty of Commuting Corridors

Dr Mike Meitner and graduate student Miki Narukage investigated level of scenic beauty of major commuting corridors in Vancouver, BC. The project investigates the biophysical elements including buildings, cars, and vegetation along the city’s commuting corridors as an indicator of visual quality of urban spaces, which also may have an impact on human well-being.

Findings indicate that the amount of vegetation (trees, grass, and shrubs; in that order) have the largest effect on the scenic judgements. The results also suggest that the even-arrangement of trees along with the sides of street is a factor to increase the visual quality of the streetscape due to the higher symmetric structure in the scene.

These findings contribute to our understanding of urban streetscape design, which can be used to improve the psychological and physical health of urban dwellers.

Mike Meitner

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Miki Narukage