Determining the Age and Growth Rate of Trees

This project of Dr Lori Daniels is a collaboration between Metro Vancouver and the Tree-Ring Lab at UBC to determine the age and growth rates of lodgepole pine trees growing along the boundary of Burns Bog.

The 25 sampled lodgepole pine trees measured 10 to 25cm in diameter at breast height. They ranged in age from 32 to 87 years and established between 1923 and 1978. Based on stem analysis the trees took 14, 27 and 34 years to grow to heights of 4, 8 and 12m.

Tree ages were variable regardless of their location relative to the edge of the bog. Average ages were 73, 65 and 73 years, for trees growing 0, 20 and 50m from the bog edge.

The study team anticipated that tree age may vary along the transects indicating tree encroachment over time; however, there was no significant difference in tree ages along the transects.

Lori Daniels

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